Conserving artwork and creative frames 

conserving artworks

BBFrame deals with the creation of custom-made frames for conserving photographs, paintings, drawings and works of art in general. 

Modern and contemporary styled creative frames are made at the workshop with prints, engravings, designs and decorations. 

All BBFrame creations are unique and one-of-kind as they are hand-crafted by the expert hands of Ms. Barbara Cond.

Customising events and gift frames

wedding placeholders

Are you the owner of an event organisation agency that must create placeholders and billboards for the arrangement of the guest tables for a wedding, a gala dinner, a conference or a corporate event? BBFrame produces frames and custom billboards for events of any kind. 

The workshop is also responsible for creating custom-made frames to be used as gifts for weddings, baptisms and ceremonies.

Our services

BBFrame has the following products:

  • custom-made frames;
  • antique frames;
  • distressed frames;
  • modern frames;
  • works of art;
  • frames for mirrors;
  • antique mirrors;
  • wall mirrors.

BBFrame deals with restoration and conservation work.

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