About me

owner barbara condo

t's always a thrill to start something new, trying to get going again, but also to succeed in having something that is really your own... 

I know, these are tough times, but if you never try, you won't succeed! 

Today and for a long time to come, I will continue to feel sky high! 

I'm sure that I'll be ever stronger and ready to lovingly produce beautiful and important frames for all the customers who cross the threshold of BBFrame.

Barbara Cond


cornici in legno

BBFrame uses the highest quality materials to produce the most curious and creative ideas.

The workshop has fine woods and plastics available to create classical and modern frames to suit every taste and any work of art. 

BBFrame carries out gilding with gold or silver leaf.

My clients

BBFrame sets itself as a benchmark for anyone who desires to frame a canvas, print, photograph or mirror. 

In addition to the store's many private clients, we also work for artists, painters, photographers, printmakers, art galleries, museums and auction houses.

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